What if I witness a crime, or something of mine gets stolen or vandalized?

Reporting theft or vandalism is a two-step process at Marymoor Park.
Call the King County Sheriff’s office and report the incident. It might take a day or two before they can contact you for an interview, but please do so to obtain a case number.
Once you have a case number, please report the incident to the park office. Alternatively, you can report it to board@marymoorgarden.org, and a board officer will report the incident to Marymoor Park.
If you see a crime in progress, call 911.
If you see someone using garden water to wash their car, please take the license number and report it to the park office. They will receive a citation from the park service.
Contact Information:
King County Sheriff’s office: 206/296-3311, Online Contact Form
Marymoor Park office: 206/477-7275, marymoorpark@kingcounty.gov