Plot Expansion FAQs

Plot Expansion FAQ’s November, 2013

If you are enjoying your gardening experience and you’d like to add an additional plot to your garden, these FAQ’s will be helpful in answering many common questions.

Q. Who is eligible to expand to an additional plot?
First-year gardeners are not eligible to expand.

All existing second year + gardeners that currently have one, two or three plots, and are in good standing with MCGA rules and guidelines, are eligible.

The priority for expansion goes to those with the least number of plots to those with the most. Expansions are granted no earlier than May 1st.

Gardeners are placed on a waiting list illustrated by the tier system below, according to the current number of plots they have. There may be waiting lists in each of the tiers, as the waiting list in tier 1 is cleared before moving to list in tier 2, and so on through tier 5.

  • First year gardeners have priority for any available plots from January 1st to August 31st.
  • Only one plot expansion is allowed per year, per house/family/group.

 Expansion Tier Priority levels

Tier 1 New Gardeners are not eligible for expansion, but take priority for single plots, over Tier 2-5 from January1 to August 31.
Tier 2 Half-plot gardeners wanting a full plot (gardener must then give up their half plot)
Tier 3 Single full plot gardeners wanting a second plot
Tier 4 Two plot gardeners wanting a third plot
Tier 5 Three plot gardeners wanting a fourth plot

Right of First Refusal

For those waiting for a specific plot, and they’ve reached the top of their tier list, if a different one opens up, they can turn it down and remain at the top of the list for their desired location.

Q. OK, I want to add a new plot… What do I do?

Gardeners should email the following three questions to the MCGA Registrar at

PLEASE NOTE: Talking to or emailing someone other than the registrar will not qualify for plot expansion; only the registrar can assign a new plot.

When contacting the registrar, please specify:

  1. Your name
  2. Your current rented plot number(s)
  3. Indicate your preference for a specific plot, or general area where you’d like your expansion plot.

Depending on demand, expansions may be granted as early as May 1st. During the active growing season, there may plots that become available for rent. If there is not a waiting list for new gardeners, these plots will be granted as expansions according the priority listed above.

The cost for gardeners granted an expansion plot from September 1st to October 31st will be $37.50. Gardeners will also be required to work four additional service hours for the remainder of the year.

Q. When can I request for an additional plot?

Second year + gardeners may request an additional plot anytime from January 1 to October 31, with assignments beginning May 1st.

Registration is completely closed from November 1 to December 31, and requests for expansion will not be taken again until January 1st.

Please renew your expansion request when you fill out your next application in January. But do not send money for the additional plot until you’ve been notified by the Registrar that you have been granted an expansion.

Q. I already requested for an additional plot… What happens now?

The registrar will confirm your plot request with you and notify you if and when a plot becomes available.

Q. Congratulations! Your expansion has been approved!

When all request for new plots has been exhausted, and the tiers have been cleared in order of priority, the registrar will now notify you as soon as a plot becomes available that fits your request. You will be given instructions on how much money is owed, and how many hours of community service are required. Please proceed and send the appropriate plot rental cost to the MCGA, PO Box.

For those who have been placed on a wait list, please note that the wait lists are maintained for the current gardening season only. If you were not granted an expansion by October 31st you need to renew your request after the new year (i.e., Please restate your ongoing interest in expanding to an additional plot in your paper application In January).
Thank you for your interest, we wish you the best of luck in expanding!

MCGA Registrar