About the Marymoor Community Garden

The Marymoor Community Gardeners Association (“MCGA”) is a 501(c)(7) non-profit corporation and gardening club operating in Marymoor Park by concession. Open MCGA garden plots are available to the public every year from January through December for an annual fee.

MCGA gardeners are subject to all King County Park rules and its own rules. MCGA is required by King County Parks System to provide administration, insurance, and maintenance of the garden. In addition to being a community garden, MCGA operates a 3200 square foot Hopelink garden.

The MCGA has been operating independently as an all-volunteer association since 2003. Previously, since the late 1960’s, the community garden (“peapatch”) was a Marymoor park program and was managed by King County Parks. With budget cuts in early 2002, the program was cancelled. But thanks to some hard working volunteer gardeners MCGA was formed and we continue today to enjoy gardening in the heart of King County.

There are 202 full-size plots and 14 half-size plots. Each full-size garden plot is approximately 10ft by 40ft (3.05M by 12.19M). Each half-size plot is approximately 10ft by 20ft (3.05M by 6.10M).

There are restroom facilities and MCGA purchases water from Redmond for gardeners to use.

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