Frequently Asked Questions About How to Fulfill Your Community Service Hours

Q. How many community service hours are required per plot?

MCGA requires 8 hours of service per plot (10’X40’), and 4 hours of service time for half plots (10’X20’).

Q. How do I log in my hours?

You can log them here, or there is a volunteer sheet and clipboard in the log box in the food bank garden.  Please write your hours on the community service hours log sheets along with your name and/or plot number(s). You may also email Gia Parsons, the community service hours coordinator at with your hours.  If you want to find out how many hours you have logged in during the season with MCGA contact Gia anytime via email.  She is more than happy to field questions and help you fulfill your hours.

Q. When are work parties announced?

Work parties are announced via email and Evite to all gardeners.  Please let us know if you are not receiving emails and would like to.

Click here to view our calendar to see if there is an upcoming work party you can attend.  MCGA CALENDAR

Q. How do I get on a work party email list?

Your name is added to an email list when you turn in application at the start of the season.  Your community service preferences are located on your application.  You may be placed on the General mailing list, the Food Bank mailing list and/or Produce Driver mailing list based on your preferences.  To ‘opt-in’ and get yourself on more than one mailing list, please contact Gia at

Q. What if I cannot make it to any work parties?

Fulfilling your service hours helps us operate and keep our costs low. We strongly encourage gardeners to come to work parties, especially early in the season.  Work parties occur mostly on the weekends but occasionally during the weekdays (usually evenings).  We understand that sometimes schedules do not allow gardeners to attend scheduled work parties.  If your schedule does not allow you to participate, please stop by the food bank garden and look on the white board to see what needs to be done in there.  If you need guidance completing tasks in the foodbank, please contact a food bank manager. Their contact information is on the whiteboard in the food bank garden.

If you still need more ideas on what to do to fulfill your hours, please contact Gia, .  She is more than happy to fill you in on what jobs/tasks need attention outside of work parties.  Please note, all jobs done at the garden must be Board approved.  If you have any service ideas please run them by Gia or another board member first.

Q. Can friends or family help me to fulfill my community service hours?

We definitely encourage family and friends participation, the more the merrier!  We do ask that volunteers be able of an age that can perform tasks. It is your responsibility to log hours for yourself and family and friends.  If your friends and family log your hours on the log sheets in the food bank, please make sure your they write in the name or plot number(s) to be credited.  Also it is a great idea to invite friends or family to join you at work parties, we count their hours 100 percent.   It is a great way to work and socialize at the same time.

Q. Can I help another gardener with their garden?  Does this count for service hours?

Yes! You can count up to ¼ or 25% of your total service hours helping fellow gardeners.  Example: If you have one plot, you can spend 2 of the 8 hours towards helping build community by helping a fellow gardener.(watering, weeding, or helping out harvesting) This rule is per plot, if you have more than one plot the same rule applies for all plots. The remaining 3/4s of your service requirement hours must be spent on approved tasks.

Thank you so much for making the Marymoor Community Gardeners Association a great place to garden!