Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost a year to garden at Marymoor?

A. $75 for a 10’x40′ plot and $37.50 for a 10’x20′ plot.

Q. Is there a service requirement?

A. Yes.  To keep our costs low, we require 8 hours per plot, per year be dedicated to our Foodbank Garden, or maintaining the grounds.  We have many work parties throughout the year!

Q. Is this an organic garden? Are Miracle-Gro products ok?

A. Yes, this is an all organic garden.  All soil amendments, pesticides, etc are only approved if they are eco-friendly.  All Miracle-Gro products are not beneficial to the health of the soil and are not allowed.

Q. Can I build raised-garden beds? Maybe a trellis?

A. All construction plans must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors.  Permanent structures are not allowed.  Gardeners wishing to build any structure in their garden must provide plans and contact the Board of Directors at for pre-approval.  Thank you!

Q. Is this garden a park program?

A. The MCGA has been operating as a independent non-profit social club business since 2003.  We cooperate with King County Parks and rent this space by concession.